Ghostwriter 007: The Spy Who Penned Me

Secrecy, intrigue, and suspense…such is the life of a real ghostwriter. Like a clandestine operative, the ghostwriter tells no secrets, gives up no information, and denies all knowledge of her top-secret writing activities. She is the James Bond of publishing; she does the work and denies her mission and its successes. Her undertakings are always confidential because that is her credo.


So, what does confidential mean to a real ghostwriter? It’s simple. Confidential means zero disclosure on any aspect of the ghostwriting project from the first introduction onward. A ghostwriter keeps silent about you and your book even under threat of waterboarding, or (more likely) denied access to the swanky celebrity book release party. A true confidential ghostwriter never name-drops, never hints at names, and never gives the slightest clue to even the most persistent of inquiring minds. Your relationship is private, and her name is eerily missing from your book cover. You get all of the credit. It’s almost like she doesn’t exist…like a ghost. It’s all-inclusive and serious.


Want to know if you’re dealing with a true confidential ghostwriting professional? It’s easy. Check their website; you shouldn’t see any mention of books they’ve worked on, or a laundry list of their ghostwriting clients.


You may be thinking, “Sure, but ghostwriters must spill the beans to family and friends, right?” Not a chance! To do so shows a lack of integrity, and has the potential to create leaks that could compromise the client and their book project. True ghostwriters remain mum on the subject and answer only with a shrug and a sly smile. Thankfully, my sly smile is of Cheshire Cat quality and well-practiced. The most I can say about my ghostwriting experiences is, “My name is Parsons, Erika Parsons, 007. I am a ghostwriter.” Occasionally, I take my martini shaken, not stirred.

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