Missing In Action: Your Novel

“How is your novel coming along?
Am I in it?
How much longer until you publish?”


You search your mind for excuses: work has been crazy, your roof is leaking, or the dog needed a shrink; anything but the cold honest truth…you haven’t been working on it. You shake your head at your ambitious January 1st self that proclaimed on Facebook that YES, this was the year you finish (ok, start) your novel. In January you pounded out 26 pages, but February was too cold to write. In March, you were going to get back to it, but that cruel mistress, Writer’s Block, started flirting with you. By April your novel was dead in the water.

Well, it isn’t too late.


Rustle up your inner Updike! Pledge to write for 30 minutes every day for the next 90 days. On average, you’ll be able to knock out 300 words, and at the end of 90 days you will have 27,000 words (that’s about 108 pages. Oh, yeah!). Some days you won’t stop at 30 minutes (that’s the idea actually) and other days, sure you’ll be watching the clock. But, just think – if you start today, you could have 50 more pages to brag about at New Year’s Eve parties…So, dust off that laptop, and instead of hearing crickets you’ll be listening to the magical clickity-clack of your novel coming to life!


If you need help, I hear there are some great writing coaches around to get you in gear and keep you accountable.


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