The Celebrity Ghostwriter: A Fly on the Best Walls

Click-clack goes the sound of the otherwise silent ghostwriter clicking away on her computer. She gives a slight giggle at a moderately amusing anecdote that she just made hilarious. A mere chapter later, she inks out all the saucy details of a salacious “lovers weekend” that her celebrity client shared in Europe with a high-profile CEO. This is one of the perks of being a celebrity ghostwriter—living vicariously through the exploits of the rich and famous.


Anonymity has other benefits. Ghostwriters get the thrill of saying things that he or she may be too reserved to say in real life. Writing in the name of a celebrity may give them the opportunity to champion a cause, like the exploitation of children perhaps, and be able to craft the words that inspire a nation to act. From artfully turning a phrase to recreating an after-after party at Chateau Marmont, the ghostwriter gets all the fun and none of the consequences (or hangovers). Sometimes you can be a fly on the wall.

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