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Choosing Erika Parsons as your celebrity
ghostwriter is a choice for strict confidentiality.


Erika's Weekly Posts

For more than a decade, Erika Parsons has been a celebrity ghostwriter and blog columnist for some of the world's biggest names. Many celebrity ghostwriters want as much recognition as the celebrities they write for and can hardly be considered “ghosts.” Well, that’s the Erika Parsons difference. Her fear of being center stage coupled with her signature tight-lipped confidentiality and passion for storytelling makes Erika Parsons the ideal celebrity ghostwriter.
Erika Parsons’ ghostwriting services have generated widely publicized bestselling books for over a decade. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, Erika works nationally and internationally. Contact her today to find out how to put her celebrity ghostwriting talents to work for you.

The Problem...

You’re at the top of your game. Everyone knows who you are, and they’re hungry for more. The problem is that you’re busy being a star, so you don’t have time to write a memoir to satisfy your ravenous fans.
It’s a good problem to have.

The Solution!

Finding a confidential celebrity ghostwriter who understands your brand and your audience is the answer. Working with a celebrity ghostwriting professional is the ideal way to maximize your time. The financial investment you make in your celebrity ghostwriter is peanuts compared to the revenue you will generate from book sales and public appearances. The increased credibility you’ll get from being a published author makes hiring a celebrity ghostwriter a no-brainer.

Let's find out who you are first! 🙂

The aspiring celebrity is a person who is not well known and does not have a large network of fans.

The field celebrity is a person is well known in his or her field and has a large network.

The A-list celebrity may be an Oscar winner, a Grammy winner, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a political figure. A-listers are household names.

*Prices may vary depending on the amount of research, interview setting and travel time required.
A project minimum applies.

The Celebrity Ghostwriting Process

Erika Parsons will personally conduct
research on you and your subject matter;
compiling notes from journals, news reports,
and interviews to map out an organized
structure for your book. She will study your
speech patterns and word choices, and then
fashion a narrative text that mirrors your
style and rhythm. The result is your beautiful
story—copyedited and error-free—delivered
on time and told from your perspective and in
your unique voice.