Celebrity: The Candy Everyone Wants

Society is obsessed with celebrities. Everyone wants to know what they are listening to, reading, wearing, eating, etc. Celebrity behaviors influence everything from buying decisions to with which charity to become involved. Our culture is bewitched with celebrity because somehow this regular person was able to achieve extraordinary fame or success. It’s the fairytale everyone hopes for themselves.

But the real question is, why would a celebrity share her life with millions of strangers? Isn’t that kind of creepy? Isn’t it also a little self-validating and narcissistic? Not really according to the celebrities I’ve worked with. Many celebrities feel like sharing parts of their lives with fans allows them to connect with their fans on a deeper level. Many also feel an artistic surge after revisiting some of their greatest, and even their lowest, moments.

Who wouldn’t want to discover the secret to Oprah’s great rise to power or discover how Cameron Diaz got that mad, crazy, buff bod? The celebrity memoir, however, is different than reading an article in a magazine or online. These are the stories and thoughts the celebrity wants to share directly with the public. For the cost of one book, everyday Joe’s and Joanie’s can stroll down memory lane with their favorite celeb or invade their beauty secret treasure chest. It’s the book we can’t put down or stop talking about. It’s also what builds that lasting loyalty a fan gives to a celebrity once they have left the limelight for the next phase of his career. It’s part of a legacy, like Odysseus or Achilles…but maybe with a little less battle armor.

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