You’ve led a spectacular life. Your story should be told with the creative flair that it
deserves. As your personal writing coach, I will teach you the writing techniques
to make your readers care. There is a certain magic involved in bringing a
masterpiece to life and I will show you behind the curtain.

Here is my guarantee:

I will teach you how to craft masterful dialogue and create unforgettable characters. In no time, you will learn to write with a sophisticated style that is uniquely you. I will give you tools to overcome writer’s block, help you organize your outline, and guide you to achieve your writing goals. I'll be by your side through the entire writing process, giving you encouragement, honest feedback, and suggestions to make your book a compelling and fabulous read.

Be daring. Be funny. Be sexy. Be opinionated.
Be the story everyone wants to read.

I've been working in the shadows as a ghostwriter of bestselling novels, personal memoirs, and celebrity biographies for over a decade. Now, I'm reaching out to help the aspiring writer in you shine the light on your own story.

I can teach you how to do it yourself. I can hold your hand and coach you through it or I can write your amazing story for you. If you’re ready to hop into a new destiny, contact me because I’m ready to help you soar.

It's your time. Your story is worth telling. The world is waiting.