The Writing Coach: Your Secret Weapon

The Writing Coach: Your Secret Weapon

Just as mountain climbers need a Sherpa, writers often times need a writing coach.  A writing coach does more than just crack the whip to keep you on point, but is an invested, experienced resource for every range of writer, neophyte to published author.  A writing coach is your personal professor, accountability partner, and editor.

  • Who should seek out a writing coach?
  • While the reasons are limitless, it is most often those writers who:
  • Are not identifying and attaining their weekly writing goals.
  • Are looking to develop a stronger or more authentic voice.
  • Need to strengthen their grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Need to fortify their sentence and paragraph structure.
  • Struggle with plot development or creating real, identifiable characters.

Why should you hire a writing coach?

Every writer has something he is looking to improve to get him closer to Hemingway status.  A writing coach will keep you focused on your goals and mature your writing like a fine wine.  They can also navigate you through an obstacle in your personal writing process (Writer’s Block, anyone?).  New writers may need a coach to introduce and suggest how they should build their writing method (Fun Fact: Maya Angelou wrote in a hotel room!).  Finally, some may just be looking for honest, constructive feedback that doesn’t come from an aunt who loves everything you do or a significant other who doesn’t know the difference between an allusion and alliteration. The reasons are illimitable and the beauty of a hiring coach (well, the right coach) is the experience is completely customizable to your particular needs as a writer.

When is the right time to hire a writing coach?

The simple answer is NOW!

Your coach will have you doing literary push-ups in no time!

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